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Make a Cramped Space Feel More Open

Even small rooms can be made to feel larger and more open with the right design. RISMedia recently featured some ways to open up a small space:

Declutter: Make sure every bookshelf isn’t crammed. Scale back on everything in the room. Clear out every corner of the room that has a tower of belongings.

Colors: “White is a great default color because it adds light and goes with everything, but playing with color gives you the opportunity to carry the eye throughout the room,” the RISMedia article notes. “Painting a room a light shade of green, while doing the ceiling in an off shade will force the eye upward, giving the impression of a higher ceiling.”

Mirrors: Add a mirror to expand a small space and add light to an otherwise dark room. For example, place a mirror opposite a window or in a sunny place in the home to bring in more light. Use a large mirror as a centerpiece on a wall for well-lit areas.

Minimize furniture: Pick one large piece of furniture to serve as the focal point of the room. Keep other pieces small and minimize what you bring in.

Source: “How to Transform a Modestly Sized Room into a Palace,” RISMedia (May 5, 2016)

Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine Online (, May 9, 2016, with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

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